PDCurses: any tutorials?

Hi, LeafyCircuits here!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tutorials on programming with PDCurses that was up-to-date. I've done several Google searches, and I haven't found much of anything. If I found a tutorial, it was on the older NCurses for POSIX-type systems. Having Windows 7, POSIX doesn't help at all! I've read a little on the docs that come with PDCurses, and they don't really explain much beyond the gist of what programming with PDCurses is like (not even any examples for the new functions).

If anyone knows of tutorials/guides/books of PDCurses, please reply. I've heard and saw the capabilities of PDCurses, and I would love to get my hands dirty ;)
There isn't really. You just need to read through the HOWTO
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