C# and Javascript Tutorials for Unity3D

Found out that Unity3D now offers a FREE and fully commercial licence so I've got myself a copy but unfortunately it only uses C#, Javascript or Boo scripting...

I've been studying C/C++ for just short of 3 years now so this is slightly annoying, anyways does anyone know of any really good C# tutorials? Mainly something that'll show any and all differences with common classes such as strings and vectors (if there is differences) and any differences in how to start a program and create separate libraries, and any changes in syntax.

Thanks in advance
Actually I've just noticed that the Unity3D website contains "Scripting" video tutorials, if anyone has already seen these will they be sufficient to get me going, making large scale products?
I think everybody who wants to learn C# must read books of Andrew Troelsen.
A c/c++ programmer would find using unity c# very easy, its a very well designed editor with a wide range of strong c# scripting background, having a c/c++ background you will be find its more about getting youre heading around the interface, I do have some links for you
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