Help with coords please

So I want a program to start at a sertain coord on the screen how do I do that? I've never needed to do that before can any one tell me please?
Start doing what? You would probably need a graphics library (I would recommend SFML or SDL). Also, you would need a solid knowledge of c++.
I need just a code that once you open the exe it starts at certain coords on you screen. I'm coding in Dev c++ and code blocks
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This is a platform dependent thing. You need to deal with the OS API to position application windows.

If you're on Windows, check out the MoveWindow function:

For any other operating system, you'll have to search for the API call that does the same thing.
Thanks this was exactly what I needed.
Oh it's not I'm not using a window I forgot what it's called but it's like cmd
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@Vincent Dominguez

Take a look at
where I show a function called gotoXY(x,y), that positions text at column x, row y. This should be what you're needing..
That is neat but sadly no I need the window like thing to start at certain coordinates.
thanks to all.... because i also needed these types of information...
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