Dosbox video mode 13h on real VGA?

Shouldn't Dosbox's video mode 13h, on a real VGA, have this in the settings of Video mode 13h?

{ 0x013 ,M_VGA ,320 ,200 ,40 ,25 ,8 ,8 ,1 ,0xA0000 ,0x2000 ,100 ,449 ,80 ,400 , _VGA_PIXEL_DOUBLE | _EGA_LINE_DOUBLE }

I'm asking because Dosbox itself doesn't have __VGA_PIXEL_DOUBLE and _EGA_LINE_DOUBLE when dealing with this (It's just set to 0). Since my emulator is using the table (and the VGA Video mode set function of Dosbox), but with a more 'real' (as far as emulation goes) VGA emulation, shouldn't I set these two flags with video mode 13h? (Scan line and pixel doubling)

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