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hi guys I want to start with game programming and I don't know what library to use. can someone please tell me what is the best library for developing 2d games for a start ? it doesn't matter if it is going to be hard to learn I just need to be quality when I learn it. I have experience with iostream and a python language..
What makes the best game engine is a matter of opinion mostly but if you're asking for mine then I'd vote for Unity followed at a respectable distance by Flash.
which game library is the best ?
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some popular ones are sdl, sfml, and i cant remember if allegro is graphics or sound. any of these + opengl
what are the advantages and disadvantages of those libs?
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your taste. i personally use sdl with opengl but thats because i cant for the life of me get an installation of sfml working with code::blocks yet. but dont let that stop you. im in the minority of people who cant.
hey im using code blocks and I have problem with qt 4 .. can opengl be used for 2d games? im a beginner I don't know.. and what is a good library for 3d game programming ??
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i believe it can and opengl is meant for 3d graphics
can programs made with sdl or sfml being used on android maybe? thank you very much!
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no because i dont think java supports sdl or sfml
If you're using those libraries just to make your window, and do keyboard input, and you're using OpenGL for graphics, then it doesn't matter because you'll have probably less than a hundred lines of code that depend on them.

There is this version of OpenGL called OpenGL ES which runs on phones and tablets and what not. It's just a subset of OpenGL, so if you restrict your use of OpenGL to what's available in OpenGL ES, then you can easily port it.

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