Close to giving up

I've come to cplusplus mostly because I'm in school for software developement, and I wanted to do a project on my own, so I installed the SDL API into Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express. I'm following the ever popular lazyfoo tutorial, and I had a few questions for you guys.

first off, should I stick with SDL 1.x? I just want to create a game so that I can prove to myself I may actually be able to program professionally. If I should bail what should I move onto? I have decent knowledge of C++ primarily.

Secondly, if I should stay with SDL, in IDEs, where does the executable grab files from?

To be more specific

is called, where is the bmp retrieved from?

Thanks ahead of time.
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in code::blocks it does it where the main.cpp file is
weird, I was intitially using codeblocks and had the same problem, but that didnt work for me. Maybe I'll go back and double check, I left codeblocks thinking VC++ would be better
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