help in making a schedule

hello everyone.this is my first post.hope i can learn and help others out though
i am a newbie.:)

i want to code a scheduler/diary of sorts to keep track of my goals/deadlines.
how do i go about doing it?from the scratch.

i have done some basic courses in c++ but have no coding experience.i am on a linux system.i would think/make a solution/algorithm and post it up.any help on
how do i get started would be greatly appreciated.hope i have made myself clear.thanks and apologies for any mistakes.

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welcome! so there are some of things youll need.
the headers:

once you have those i would define functions that do the following.
-get the date/time to log into the journal.
-get the users entry
-save it to the log
-finally a function to retrieve an entry, if specified by the user. i would say every entry is seperated by a new line to make it easy to find entries. if the user inputs one then replace it with something like {newline} in the log and when reading it back to the user make it an actual new line again
lovely.thanks for the prompt reply.i think this is what i needed to begin.will get
back after i make some headway.thanks for the help too.:)
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no problem
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