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I have a folder of c++ programs that I switch back and forth between my desktop and my laptop. I recently made a program that uses the Curses.h on my laptop. When I transferred the files to my desktop the program that uses Curses.h wouldn't work correctly. All of the Curses downloaded content is still in the right place and I even re-linked the library. The program compiles, but it shows a blank screen with a flashing cursor. The program isn't even in the standard Curses.h screen. The other programs (without curses) work fine, and I have used Curses successfully on this computer before. Anyone know why this is happening?
Same OS? Same curses version? Curses library (DLL or .a) available on your desktop? Same compiler?

Beyond the basics, are you initializing properly with initscr()? And checking that it did?

Is there anything unusual about your terminal?
Same OS: windows.
Same Curses version: pdc34dllw.
Curses lib in CodeBlocks->MinGW->lib(just like other computer).
The same Curses content on each computer.
literally setup up Curses on both computers one right after the other.
Same compiler: same IDE setup (Code::Blocks)

initscr() is fine. Considering that the program worked fine on the other computer with the same code.


please halp!
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Same version of windows? Same version of GCC? (GCC can be pretty finnicky between versions.)
Both Windows 7. But one is unofficial. GCC versions should be the same. again, the program compiles fine. But the program does nothing.
Sorry if I sound like a broken record.

The program compiles fine on both systems, correct, but only runs on the laptop? (Meaning, you just went and recompiled on the laptop and it ran fine, then copied the source over to the PC and recompiled and it doesn't run?)

If you are sure that your source trees are identical, and you haven't inadvertently changed a DLL or dependency somewhere, then only two things are suspect: (1) there is something unkosher about your code (you are missing something), or (2) your desktop is (mis)configured in some important way.

Check to see that the dependencies for the programs are the same on both systems (and that the DLL versions for each dependency are the most current). Failing that, zip up your source tree and let me know where I can get at it to take a look.

See for help with the dependencies.
You are correct. Everything seems to be configured properly. I can run test programs that use Curses syntax on the computer that won't run the original program properly. There's a good possibility that something in the code is amiss. When making this program I had to use a few concepts that I barely understood. Now that I have a better understanding of these concepts I've noticed that the coding cuts many corners. So I might attempt the program again from scratch to test if the problem is within the code. Curses seems to be a fun way of applying newly learned concepts such as pointers, classes and inheritance. On the other hand, I may just move onto something like Qt which seems like a more powerful way of having fun. :)

I looked into dependencies. If this problem continues I will resort to that. Thank you.
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