How to retain all project properties when change from debug to release mode in C++ ( Visual studio )

I'm developing C++ application in visual studio 2012.
I have couple of C++ projects in my solution. I have put some library paths in every project's properties ( i.e ,Config properties - > C/C++ - > Additional Include Directories and Linker - > Additional Include directories ).
I developed in debug mode, if i change to release mode, all library settings gone.

Is there any possibility to retain all settings when change to debug to release mode and vice versa ?

in your project properties on top/left there's a combo box for your configurations. Choose 'all configurations' for include path and the like.
You may copy/paste it from 'debug' to 'all configurations'
Lookout though because there is sometimes different versions of files like dll's that are specific for release and ones for debug.
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