Story idea for my game?

I'm making a game based on 1 on 1 fights with enemies in all sorts of terrain, but I can't think of a story aspect to approach this from. You do use weapons in the game, but mostly swords and such. It's a bit like Fatal Fury or something like that. If anyone has any ideas for a story (just to start it off from), it would be really helpfull. Thank you!
Main Character: Carlos Danger
Antagonist: Camera phones

You fight through multiple battles with various carriers and phone models, and the final boss is the iPhone because it has the highest resolution camera.
Also, after you beat the last boss you have to make a public apology.
+50 experience points if your wife doesn't leave you!
Once upon a time there was a Mutant Zombie...

I think you can take it from there.
I'm thinking more that you're taking on 'gangs' of a sort. The phone thing idea seems interesting, but what I'm looking for is kind of a reason to get caught up in these problems. Just kind of an intro that shows where you went wrong XD.
+1 for huike's idea xD

What about a sort of meta-game like dunnet, where you fight various uncooperative parts of your own operating system

EDIT: Or you could work from a story/comic-book/series you already know:)
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@ huike: The more I imagine it, the more I like this idea. You mentioned the iPhone having the highest resolution camera but should this be a hidden boss then?

@ OP: Your idea reminds me of a game I had on the Xbox original called Beat Down. . It had a lot more potential then what was realized in the game and got some unfairly harsh reviews.
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How about this:
"The short-tempered Captain Blaggard and his renegade band of hybrid robot-hermaphrodites had finally tracked down the evil genius doctor B. Alloc on a remote planet in the Dagobah-system. Finally the Captain would have his revenge for Dr. Alloc giving his third wife a fatal segfault all those years ago. But as they closed in on the doctors secret hideout, their engine suddenly failed and the team crash-landed on the surface of the planet, miles away from their destination. It was a cold and dark place, ripe with unimaginable horrors..."

EDIT: Yes, I'm very tired, coffee-deprived and bored at work :P
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