MFC SDI Simultaneous Multiple Views

Hello! So, the title basically explains it!
I am working on a map editor on Microsoft's Foundation Class (MFC), I used a wizard, blah blah blah SDT, blah blah far, everything is going perfectly!
What I really want to do, however is to make a split window with different views
so that one view is my map and the other is my resources (like RPG Maker does it)

I looked up tutorials like this:

However, what I'm looking at now is a couple of dialog boxes, not views. I'm pretty sure dialog boxes are used differently from views, although they do share a CView parent. I want to be able to draw normally on my client.

I also found tutorials for switching views, also not what I'm looking for ahaha.

So visually, this is a minimalistic mock-up of what I am looking for:
Sorry for bumping :/
You mught get a (better) response if you post your question on the forums. They like MFC over there!

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