C++ program for a School Project

Hi, I am in high school and this is my last year. We have been told to create a C++ program to be submitted as an annual project. Now I want to make something unique, at least not very common. It would be better if the program uses graphics files to generate some animations. If not then the program should be really interesting. The fact is I am out of ideas. I am not really good at programming but I can understand the logic and algorithms well. So I need some cool ideas for my program. Any type of C++ program idea will be helpful. And also I might need help with the programming, so be really clear about the general logic behind the program, please. Thanks in advance.
A small RPG engine?
You could research genetic algorithms and neural networks. That's always interested me.
I can't give you too much info, since I don't understand it well enough myself.
Essentially, you have a set of weighted input, hidden, and output nodes, which attempt to mimic neural connections. Provided with a fitness function, the system will "learn". This has many applications such as Artificial Intelligence, optimization and predictive modeling.

One possible way of demonstrating this could be to write a simple ircbot which reads input and attempts to learn english syntax.
Possible sources of inspiration:
Neither of these two programmes takes advantage of neural networks (iirc), but they're still interesting nonetheless. They're slightly different from each other, but both seamingly spew out coherent english.
Build a virus which copies itself to each computer connected to a server and bring down all of them. It's fun. I've already made one which destroys the computer but copying itself to other comps is the hard point.

You can also make a platform game or something like that... but I think it's the first thing that comes to mind.

Or make some thing to communicate with the user like Siri... Handling over 10000 possible inputs and an else so that it generates a random dialogue. It takes a lot of time but is huge and unique.

MrTrollFace wrote:
I've already made one which destroys the computer but copying itself to other comps is the hard point.
Sure ya did, bud.
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