I've got down 2d programming with SDL pretty well making a engine and what not and am about to start learning 3d programming with DirectX. ( Don't recommend other graphic libraries please ) I've taken a look at their "DirectX Sample Browser" but, am I the only one or is it just hard to understand? So I looked online and found and unfortunately it's outdated. Really easy to follow from that site but after you make your win32 window and fill it with some color you move on to a triangle and shaders. They still used the d3dx11 library and well that went downhill considering it is obsolete. It seems that site moved onto Windows 8 DirectX programming. Book recommendations? Site? Youtube? Movie? Stone tablet? Anything?

Oh and with the DirectX sample browser. I don't want to just copy the code look at it a read some nonsense about it. Which is the main problem with that because they only talk about chunks of code in their whole sample project that you download? I want to put it together and see how it goes together. On the other hand IF you have REALLY good documentation and itching to say something on OpenGL, XNA, or whatever go ahead and suggest away.
This is the reason I hate working with microsoft libs, as majority of tutorials on non-os api libs are often outdated. That and the fact that it's unportable to non directx compliant systems make for a pretty big turnoff.

Aside from looking for good tuts, god speed to you in finding one, you can always bang your head against their documentation.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who is in a lack of resources... Or crappy ones at that. Oh how many times I've already banged my head against msdn -.-
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