What library should I use?

As I understand, you need a library thingy mabobber in order to insert pictures into a program. What in your opinion is the most recent, robust, easy to use, and free library there is? Thanks in advance!
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there are some options you have. sfml, sdl, allegro, and i think opengl does
Which do you prefer?
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Thank You!!!
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Do you prefer C style programming or C++ style programming? SDL is a C library and using C techniques whereas SFML is a C++ library and uses C++ techniques.

Personally I wouldn't go on what someone else prefers because everyone has their own opinions (I hate SDL personally and love SFML but others are the other way around). Instead try them out for yourself or at least look at the samples and then make a decision based on what you like.

But DTSCode is correct your best bet for a graphics libraries that are beginner friendly are SDL, SFML and probably allegro. openGL and directX are much more in depth and harder to learn.
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Well....I dont really know the difference btw C++ and C. Is it the same coding style? Thanks for the help so far guys...I'll look into SMFL and SDL.
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There are a lot of similarities between C and C++ but their is also a lot of differences. One of the major differences is there is no classes in C. Another one is in C you make major use of pointers.

But then again I am not the best person to ask when it comes to comparing C++ to C since I am not very familiar with the C language.

Though I did find this post on SO to my liking ;p (Please no language wars ;p).


To learn:

C is the crotchety old man who lives in the engine room. He is perpetually tinkering, occasionally mumbling words that make no sense to anyone, but might be old Norse ("scanfing vastart, strtok div frexping calloc! Err, no."). When he's not mumbling, he's waving his little antique pistol in the air and ranting about how real men take out their own garbage. Despite this, he's a pretty chill teacher; he hands you the tools, points you in the right direction, and gets out of your way. But he'll just sit back and cackle when, as inevitably happens, you turn a wrench the wrong way and scalding steam erupts into your face.

C++ is the mad professor who's had this machine for sale in SkyMall catalogues for years now – it takes up an entire room and provides thirty-seven hundred different methods of producing delicious home-cooked meals in just three minutes flat! Really, most of the people buying this contraption just put it in a back room and limit their use to the juicer attachment and maybe just maybe the pasta maker. But you're sure you can do better! You buy the service manual from the professor and go to figure the thing out, only to discover that the person who designed the thing is none other than the crotchety old man who lives in the engine room.

In terms of power:

C is a chainsaw.
C++ is a 50-foot tall earthmover that mows down everything in its path, and has giant chainsaws sticking out of its wheel hubs to boot.
Sure, both can clear trees out of your way, but...

In terms of special:

C is a rockstar.
C++ is a narco-syndicate collective of superheroes.
I hope this clarifies.

I still will say the best way to find out which style you like better is to try them both out and then after using them both for a while pick whatever suits your needs better. Both are great libraries and can get the job done.
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Alright, thanks for everything! I found the passage a little odd but helpful and am looking at:



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