Stack based question (I think)

In c89/90 is there a way to retrieve a pointer from stack or whatever that would behave as this would once cast to the correct type? This is more of a curiosity than a requirement.
You forgot a comma...hard to read
@Smac89 I think you replied to the wrong topic.

@OP: In C there is no such thing as a member function, so I don't know where you expect to get a this pointer.
Fair enough, I was only curios anyway, what I had considered was the possibility of find the address that called the function the subtracting the correct number of bytes to find the address of would be object holding the address then trying to check validity of the object before relying on it to continue the function. No matter I have faster ideas anyway, was merely curios to know if it was possible, since it's not I'll leave it at that.
It's definitely not possible the way you describe, that's why many functions in C take the object to act upon as their first parameter ;)
Yeah I was planning to do it that way anyway, I was just curios about whether it was possible, thank anyways :)
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