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Hi all,
I just want to start graphics programming, and it turns out that OpenGL is appropriate for me. But the problem is, i am having difficulties in differenciating GLUT, GLEW, OpenGL, GLSL, blah blah blah, and is there any tutorial that will guide me in learning the real GL language?

I recommend this tutorial to everyone who asks (which has been quite a lot of people lately):
i just get confused after reading "real GL language".

i made a research on google but what does that mean. a new language or what

is that a wrong usage
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GLUT is a deprecated OpenGL wrapper.
GLEW is an OpenGL loading library.
GLSL is the OpenGL Shader Language.
hoooh. thx for the answer
Thanks a lot.

This site is good too.
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I'd suggest a book! Although... I'm reading a couple right now and they certainly don't clear up some common newbie mistakes.

OpenGL isn't a language. GLSL is a language that is compiled via OpenGL. GLSL is a language meant to process specialized types of data specific to 3D rendering. It's also optimized for a GPU rather than a CPU.

If you start using OpenGL, use something that helps you see what's actually going on. I would highly suggest apitrace:

Just remember that OpenGL is little more than a library that holds state concerning the GPU.
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