SDL - Can't run program outside of IDE

Hey guys, I've been working on a small SDL program and decided I wanted to throw the program on to a disc so I could show some people what I'm working on. However, when I try to run the executable, the program crashes and under more details it says that the fault lies on SDL2_ttf.dll .

Why does this program work inside of VS2012e and not in windows?

What I did :

Set the program to release, hit f6, and then tried to run the executable from windows.

Additional information :

Compiler : Visual Studio 2012 express
O/S : Windows 7 64bit
SDL lib : 32 bit version
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You used SDL, and so had to link the appropriate libraries (that you downloaded) to compile the exectuable. It's the same here; the program can't run without those libraries, so you need to include them with the program.

Dependency Walker is a useful tool that'll show you these requirements so you know what you need to include with your program when redistributing it.
You mean put the DLL files into the folder with the executable? I've already done that.
Are the dlls in the same directory as the executable?
The folder with the executable are :


IIRC those are the only included DLL's in the IDE
Let's begin the troubleshooting process:

On how many machines have you tried to execute your program?
Just a wild guess, are you using a relative path?
I've tried running it on another computer, but I found out it didn't have .net installed.

I don't understand what you mean by using a relative path?
What is the error message that appears or will it just crash?
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