NorFlash Memory Acces


I am doing a project which I have to read, write and erase data from a NorFlash Memory. Then, I have to compare those data files in order to find errors.

Although I know how programming some code in C++, I have never done this kind of process. Does anybody know some information where I can find information and code to start? Or could anyone explain me how to start?

Besides, I would like to know which is the best way to TEST errors in this kind of memories.

FYI: I am using NetBeans 7.3.1 for writting the code and Cygwin running on Windows XP Virtual Machine. The Memory Flash (S29JL064J 64 Megabit) is incorporated on an external board which is connected to an adapter board (using HDMI cable). This adapter is connected to the Laptop (using an USB).

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Does the board have a device driver for XP and a user library?
Yes, it has and I have all the drivers!
How much memory is there?

You could just keep copies in RAM (on the heap). By that I mean, the original, and an image after each tests. Then you can easily compare the RAM images.
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