how can i get rid of this error ...?????

LNK1181: cannot open input file 'sfml-graphics-s-.lib' (RELEASE)

'sfml-graphics-s-.lib' (DEBUG)

I am working in visual studio 2010 and making a project on smfl, how can i get rid of this error ...?????
i have make all possible linking and these files are present in my SFML 2.0 directory as well , so what is the problem with this ??? help me :(
The linker is telling you that it can't find the .lib file.
Looks like you might have a mismatch between release and debug builds.

Open Visual Studio's Configuration Manager (right click on the solution).
The configuration selected for each project should be consistent.

Then check the configuration properties for each project.
On the general tab, check that the intermediate and output directories are consistent with the configuration selected.

Then check the linker input tab. Every object file, library file, dll, explicitly added should be from the correct directory.
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