making application store using c++

i have my defense on saturday but i cant present any..
I seriously cant because no matter how hard i study , i cant absorb any lesson from comsci programming TAT
Can you help me with the codes?
I was supposed to be doing an application store in c++
(like apple store or google play)
where in The output would show the main menu, the genre of the application, and when you click the genre it'll show the applications, and clicking the applications would show the description and if it'll be downloaded for free or if it would be bought..
yah know the usual app store TwT
please please TAT
How far did you get?
Mats wrote:

not much.. srsly..
i got no idea on this one
keskiverto wrote:

yep.. defense OAO

In the UK we call then viva voce, or viva for short.

An oral exam, usually in defence of a thesis or dissertation. In the UK we would just talk about oral exams (or presentations) if it was at a lower level.

In the UK the defence/viva is usually closes, i.e. you and the examiners. But I gather than in some countries they're generally open to all.


PS OAO is a new one to me; according to wikipedia.ord it's either:
- Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
- Open Joint-Stock Company (Russian: Открытое Aкционерное Oбщество)
- Odessey and Oracle, 1968 album by The Zombies
- Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, a platform game made by Oddworld Inhabitants released in 1997.
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