Writting in a FlashDevice


I am working in a programm which has to write in an external NorFlash Device. I was looking for some information about the topic but I could not find it.

The programm itself has to write data inside the device, then has to read this data (or send it back) due to compare both.

The main problem for me is that I have never worked with Memory Acces in C++. I do not know how to communicate the programm with the external FlashDevice and I do not know either how to write data afterwards.

Could anybody help me with that? Or recommend me some articles or whatever?

Thanks in advance!
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You have to use the platform specific Windows api to list the drive as the concept of drive is specific to windows.The STL would be enough to just read and write a specific file but for more you can again use windows API or a portable one like the boost filesystem.I recommend learning boost fs as it might be added to the c++ library and is proposed for tr2(technical report 2).
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