Windows 95/98 in x86 emulation minimum hardware requirements?

Anyone knows the minimum hardware that is needed to actually run Windows 95 on a 80386 processor emulator (currently working on VGA. 8042 Keyboard&Mouse, 8237A DMA Controller I/O (only I/O, no processing yet), 8253 PIT, 8259A PIC, Adlib, CMOS and PC speaker (Through PIT) is already implemented.)

Anyone knows if there's more needed to run Windows 95(and 98?) using 80[3/4]86 cpu emulation? The official specs from Microsoft doesn't say anything about it.
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before anyone answers that... why in gods name would you want to run windows 95
Maybe he wants to play old games... the minimum hardware allowed by the OS.

By the way, how can it be "minimum hardware" ?
What I get from that, is "screen, keyboard and HDD" (mouse can be emulated with a Keyboard keypad)
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doesnt matter he still doesnt need windows 95. and if i remember right there werent very many games for it. have you used it fred? ive had to install it on computers for two years now and it is a horrible os
@naraku9333: The problem is that it only lists the information for the average computer user. What I need is a list of hardware componenents (chips connected to I/O ports and MMIO) that windows 95 needs to be able to run at all (so it won't hang, quit or crash on installation/startup).

I know I'm going to need a 80386, and I'm currently working on the 8086/80186, but it would come in handy when I'm going to extend it to a 386 to run windows games or applications etc.

Also any1 knows how to process the DMA I/O within an emulator? I know i have to move data between memory and I/O ports between CPU cycles, but how to do this? (I'm going to try to do this without looking at Dosbox)
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you could use bochs
@DTSCode: I'm trying to make my own emulator, not adjust an existing one. (Although I'm looking at fake86, Dosbox and Bochs to see how the interaction works and fix bugs in my own emulator, although I copied and adjusted the set video mode (int10h, function 00h and get/putpixel functions) to my own emulator from dosbox. Using fake86 as a reference for my 8086 cpu emulation and copied and adjusted the timer (pic partially copied) and adlib function (fully copied and then adjusted, still too much lag, but that may be the sdl processing I wrote). The cpu unfortunately still has bugs, since the 80186 test scripts fail and ms-dos wont boot.) The rest of the hardware and bios written myself.
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