best IDE for Linux.

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I'm using code::blocks. Should I use netbeans or anything else
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i use code::blocks when im on windows. on linux i use text edit, g++, and nemiver c/c++ debugger. thats just because most ides dont like my style and honestly i really enjoy using it. it allows for just enough preference changing that i can do what i want without it getting in the way. however, depending on your style and preferences, i would find an ide to match it
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probably going to stick to code::blocks. eclipse and netbeans are meant for java.
What about XCode?
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you cant use it on Linux or Windiws
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jdogsiis, actually, they're we meant to be an IDE framework. They were made with Java but that doesn't mean they were made to only develop Java.

Eclipse supposedly has one of the best GDB frontends around.
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i know but they can be used with c++ but it was first designed for java. code::blocks is only c++ and is more organized and simple but has plenty of features
There is also QtCreator and KDevelop - both of which are good IMO. If you are happy with code::blocks then stick with that.

Qt is really good, there are all kinds of technology in there - you can cross compile to make apps for other OS, with one set of code. Plus untold other really good stuff.

KDevelop (under Linux) is a mature IDE, which can compile lots of different languages (obviously once you a compiler for that language installed) Not only Functional & OO languages, but other paradigms as well like Haskell for example.
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