help needed

i already started a topic about going school

but i need some more articles and tutorials about programming and maybe complex algorithmic systems(games etc. etc.)

i m going to school i wont be able to use electronics. what means i need documents to work programming. now i have around 280 pages

i already looked at this sites: //all articles on it

i m looking forward to your tutorial and article advices. i dont need SDL tutorails but i wont decline. thx in advance
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Creating a piece of software is 90% designing and 10% execution. Writing the code is cherry on the top :). If you have time between classes - create diagrams and solution on piece of paper and when you have though it all up, implement it at home.
I'm not sure of the benefits of reading without being able to do.

However, as tath said, there is a lot of work in design. This is often overlooked. I don't know how much use this will be for you but take a look if you want... (it's a Ph.D theses)

Multi-Paradigm Design
James O. Coplien

Horrible link:,d.d2k

Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples
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Creating a piece of software is 90% designing and 10% execution.

yea i used to think that as well :)
mutexe wrote:
yea i used to think that as well :)

So what do you think now then?
Working now in a small company it's often better to have a quick chat over the design and dive into the code, make some mistakes then address the bugs and maybe (but not that often if you have a good team) the design.
but make sure everyone's happy with the design before doing anything.

i found that in my old company it would actually be 90% design & 10% rushing the code at the end. If you were given 12 months for a project then the process-mad people would say "okay, that means we have to write documents for about 10 months and leave the code for the last 2", which wasnt right in my opinion.

Although they were iterative (in theory), and we are agile (in theory :) ).
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thx all for helpful answers and thx for the links @Grey Wolf but i doubt i will be able to understand these for now. maybe a few months later. but i will surely take a look at these things
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