Unhandled exception at 0x0f85d442

I have been assigned to create a search function in text file, but I received this error when I run the program and try to search:
Error message: Unhandled exception at 0x0f85d442 (msvcr100d.dll) in Ticket.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xcccccd08.

I don't know what is the exactly problem. So I just copy everything and paste here. Please don't fear of these codes, you can just copy paste then you can understand what is my problem.
I have 2 files only, but I will paste 3 files here, the one is prototypes.h, then the main.cpp, the last one is part of my function that can working well alone, but when I put them into main.cpp I will get the error message like I mentioned before.
Sounds like you have a pointer problem, either deleting memory you shouldn't or accessing memory you don't own. Try using a debugger, that is what they are for.
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