Sound blaster vs Adlib?

I'm thinking of converting/extending Adlib sound card emulation to Sound Blaster (1.0). Anyone knows what's added in the Sound Blaster (Afaik It's an Adlib, but with 2 extra Adlib channels (left/right) added besides the standard Adlib registers, and support added for PCM streams (@22KHz)?)

So if the Adlib is already emulated, what needs to be added to make a Sound Blaster (1.0)?
Wow, that hardware is so ancient I can't actually remember the difference between the two.

Isn't there some technical documentation online somewhere? Like over at
please give the sound blaster and adlib links to me!
this wiki is for Operating system development
not for sound blaster or adlib!
this is natural that you can't remember that
but i can
I don't have any links. I just linked there because that is where you are likely to have information about emulating them. Couldn't google help you better than I could?
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