Sell or Free? (Interactive c++ Arcade)

Okay, so I have an arcade i made for my computer science project, and according to EVERYONE, it is one of the best programs they've seen

It took me 3 months to complete it, and if you think that's a lot of time, just to let you know, all I have known about graphics before I started the program was how to draw circles and rectangles, and after that I took help from the internet.
I studied c++ for an year and then came to know about graphics and stuff related to it
So this arcade took a lot of time and i was thinking if it was fine if I gave it away for free?
Or should I sell it?
If yes, how can I?

Thanks :)
Not many people buy small PC games anymore. If it's really that good, would it be suitable to convert to an app for Iphone/Ipad/Android etc? Perhaps you could upload a demo and see what reactions are like to that and if it becomes popular, consider selling the full version.
Sounds good, but how can i convert it into an iPhone/android app?

(C++ code -----> iPhone app?)
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You could get an objective-c c++ wrapper, if they make those, or you can learn Objective-C.

I will try to record the program output (On youtube) and will post the link here as well

Thanks guys :)

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