C++11/0x/98, problem with wcs case insensitive compare


I have Code::Blocks with MinGW with G++ (tdm-1) 4.7.1
I checked option with enable C++11.
I tested auto, nullptr, etc.

If I use

I have error: 'wcscmpi' was not declared in this scope

If I remove any -std=c++[98,0x,11] everything is good/successed

return wcscmpi( text1, text2 ) == 0; //Without C++11/0x/98 this is good, but when I enable C11(etc) message say - error: 'wcscmpi' was not declared in this scope

return wcscmp( text1, text2 ) == 0; //case sensitive and previous is good with all -std=c++

I try wcscmpi, wcsicmp, _wcscmpi, _wcsicmp with no positive results
also I try add std::, change <cwchar> to <cstring>

Any help?
There's no wcsicmp on the standard.
And anyways, seeing "stricmp" makes me think of "wcsicmp".
Those are WinAPI functions. #include <windows.h>.
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