ASAP Please help me :(

I'm stuck,
I cant find anything that's wrong.maybe im just sleepy and I have to give this in tomorrow morning! which is 8 hours away.
so anybody me.

class subject
char subjectName[20];
char kod[8];
int credit;
subject (char *,char *,int k=3);
void getDetail();
friend void changeSubject(subject);
subject:: subject (char *sub,char *kd,int kre)
{ strcpy(subjectName,sub);
credit = kre;
void subject:: getDetail()
cout << "\n\nSubject Name : " << subjectName;
cout << "\nSubject Code : " << kod;
cout << "\nCredit hours : " << credit;

void changeSubject(subject sub);
{ cout << "\nInsert new subject name: "; Access class
cin >> sub. subjectName;
cout << "\nInsert new subject code: ";
cin >> sub.kod;
cout << "\n Get new information for the subject.";
sub. getDetail();

{ subject DS("Data Structure C++","SCJ2013");
( )
cout << "\n View the subject information again: ";
I cant find anything that's wrong.
so anybody me.

Um... if you can't find anything wrong, then what is it you're asking us to help with?
my bad...I know there's something wrong with it...
I've left using C++ for some time, and I seem to forgotten it.
and I don't even know what's wrong with it. I tried to run but there were errors. I've adde the #include <iostream.h> and #include <string.h>
We can't help you since we don't have the compiler error.
Or can we?

And please use the code embed
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