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Hey there,
I have really wanted to make an RPG in c++ for a while, but never thought i could do it. It could just be text-based, but I would prefer the game to be graphical using SDL, or any other library. Would anyone care to making the game with me? It would be good to have someone to work with, thankyou!
I tried once, nothings works,
some mechanics is done ( waking in maps with enemies chasing after you, walking in town, chat system, some very very basic battle system )

Tons of mechanics come undone

The art is crappy as hell ( I had 4 people helping me with the arts, they simply doesn't have enough time )

Everyone argue about how the story will be about, which is bad because story can be changed easily overtime but art and mechanics is not that flexible,,,

After 4 months working on it, We decided to quit because it is beyond our ability, resource and time ...

Anyway, do you have any experience in this ? How much have you done in the game ? Do you know what mechanics will be in the game ??

Btw, I used SDL once and I said to myself this is too much hassle for my first project..
Then I turn to SFML, just for info
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Ahhh sounds interesting. At the moment I have tried a couuple of time and have some projects, but haven't got much.
I really dont like good art, i was thinking we could just have like colloured 2d squares for the characters and buildings. I just want to make a game where stats can be trained and money can be collected and monsters can be killed at will. A simple game where one trains up a character in a world. Similar to... runescape if you will.
I have relatively limited knowledge too, but enough to create a simple game. It will be fun using the knowledge I/we have.

Please reply if interested :) thankyou
Do you have any examples of what you have done in programming thus far? Also, are you going to use SDL or SFML or something different?
Some tips, you can utilize public domain media (art and audio) (and open source media if your not going to commercialize your program). With little knowledge, it's probably better to work on something yourself slowly and build up your knowledge.

SDL is a great way to go as it wets your feet in the domain of graphical programming, and is compatible with opengl.

Best of luck!
Thanks for replying guys, Roger I will take those notes on board thankyou :)
I have successfully, independently made like 2d platformers and such with c++, SDL and opengl, and i really feel like just getting right into a simple RPG. Like a platformer but just store data about the player's money and such, but I dont think I will structure it right.
I am just am struggling trying to implement it or figure out which class to make. I just need some help in the OOP side of things, thankyou!
I really want to do thisand would appreciate some help :)
Just my honest advice, don't try to make an RPG as your first game. They're actually one of the hardest genres. Start simple, work your way up the ladder.
RPG are good for beginners yes, also you should consider making a very simple platformer before you start with Role playing Games, just my opinion :) anyways, have fun!
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