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A friend of mine is taking classes currently and using open office. He asked if I could create a program that would spell check medical terminology. He said that he has a program that works with Microsoft word but it will not work with open office. Because I am new to programming I said I would give it a shot but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?
What exactly does the program need to do? If you want tit to be an add-on to a microsoft program as a spell check, you probably would be better off finding a microsoft based add-on, designed by them. I'm not sure you can add features to microsoft programs though (like mods in minecrfat for example).
Your best bet is probably or their call center. Microsoft code can't be editted (it's closed source).
Seems like TC wants help writing a plugin for OO, not MS Office.
Yes it is for Open office and like I said programming is really completely new to me so not sure where to even start. I real y thought though it could be a fun side project to practice while the classes I am taking are business and not programming at the moment.. I did look at a app written to do spell check online for a regular dictionary and read some forums that talked about building a tree. I don't want to have input 50,000 words. What I was thinking is that I could create application that would pull the information off line and work with the programs existing spell check.
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