[PROBLEM]What is the method to test correction of Obfuscator Program?

Hi there,

I have problem on how to oracle testing on obfuscator program~

Anyone have any idea?

I only know the Metamorphic Testing.
really no1 can help me? =(
really no1 can help me? =(
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Think most people here prefer to develop code rather than reverse it, at least that's what I can make out of the mess you've posted.
thanks for your reply...develop code as?compile inside the obfuscator program or?
Wait, what are you testing, the obfuscation itself, or the obfuscated program?

In either case, I don't see why you need to do oracle testing. If you think your obfuscator is potentially changing the program, then I would reconsider the obfuscator's job.

Every change done to a program, whether to the code or to the object data, must have a proven 1:1 correspondence. If you cannot guarantee that, then no one will be interested in the program, since it may change the target's function.

(Sorry I can't spend more time on this today. My time is severely limited ATM.)
Have to test the correctness of the obfuscator program...just need some technique or maybe suggestion on how to test it...

so far i just know the metamorphic testing (which means p(a) must be same as obfus[p(a)] and also need be same as obfus(obfus(p[a])))

and i hope to get other idea on how to test the correctness of it~
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