learn to children

please help me
i want learn c++ to children
but i don't know where i must begin
Do not begin. If you ask the question "how to begin" then you are not ready.

If you are forced to begin teaching, here are some ideas:

- for you: learn C++ well so that you can answer any question that children may ask.

- explain to children that:
1) they write a text file .cpp that will be transformed into .exe
2) a C++ program has a special and unique function named main() and that's where the program starts
3) variables hold information that can change
4) variables have more types: int, float, double, char depending on what information they hold
5) inside functions there are structures such as if(), for() and while(), and explain what they do

If you do the above, you will teach the children the basics of the C language.

If you want to continue and teach C++, you need to explain the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) style, and teach them to use elements of the C++ Standard Library (STL).
I don't think it's such a good idea to teach Children C++, C++ is a very hard language why not something simpler like a scripting language so that they at least get the idea of programming before jumping into c++.
The current trend is for schools to purchase Raspbery Pi's and teach childrent to start to learn how to program with an easy language such as Python
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I googled and found there were a lot of links:

Came across this website:

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