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Problem solved.
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I would read in each number into an array or vector, until the end of the data set. Do you know how to do that with fstream? I take it you covered it in class if you are asked to do it for homework? Are you familiar with arrays or vectors?

Then I would look at the data set. Only 1 is a positive integer that has no proper divisors, so first of all if n == 1, then output "none", otherwise, you need to enter a loop.
for(i = 1;i < n; ++n)
    if(n % i == 0)
        sum = sum + i; //Sum will become the total of the proper divisors of n. 

Something like that. This loop can be optimized, but get it working first of all.
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Sir Mats

We have been introduced to arrays. We still haven't discussed vectors. I'm really having a hard time with reading and writing files. Thanks for your reply by the way. :) Gladly appreciated.
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