Good C++ book?

First of all, sorry if this should be in beginner... :P
Here is my background:

2 years ago i started learning c++ on web tutorials on my spare time

After learning a bit (to the point of a text based rock paper scissors) i decided to switch to java

I've got to the point in java where i could program a snake game in swing

Now i want to go back to c++ because it is probably what i'll learn in school the year after next year (Couldn't find a better way to say it)
Soooo what would be a good book (or other way) to learn c++.
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I learned from here...
A good book and that is on the net is: C + + Primer 5th Edition completely rewritten for the new C++11 standard. It can be downloaded as pdf format.
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I second C++ Primer. I also found Object-Oriented Programming in C++ to be a good read.
Beginning C++ through game programming 3rd edition - Michael Dawson.
Jumping into C++ - Alex Allain
C++ Primer 5th edition (C++11)

- By the way, you don't have to get a book that is rewritten for the new c++11, you can easily learn all of c++11 features once you've actually learned the language, just wanted to point that out.

~You might wanna take a look a this handful playlist:

C++ without fear second edition.
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Beginning C++ through game programming 3rd edition - Michael Dawson.

+1 That's what I learned from.
+1 That's what I learned from.

It is really an outstanding book
The one on this site
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