Need help!

I'm a beginner. Please help me

I want to detect colors that in the black rectangle.
How can I do? What library should I use?

Thank you
Explain it more.
1.insert jpeg file location

2.detect color that only in the box like this picture(the new one)

3.display a color in a sequence like this

Sorry for very bad English
Thank you
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Please Help
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sdl, sfml
For image processing in C++, you should use OpenCV.
Can I have an example code that load file from c:/1.bmp then get pixel from (x,y) then display as RGB
which use OpenCV library?

I'm very beginner.
Now I don't know how to install OpenCV library...Please tell me
I'm using VS2013RC

I spend time in google for 3 hours but nothing I get about how to use OpenCV, Image magick for this project.

Please Help me
Thank you
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Check this out for the installation of OpenCV

After you do that go to the OpenCV website. There are a plenty of examples. I will check some examples I did and I will post them.
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