What after C++ ?

I am an intermediate in C++. I mean i know C++ and can write basic programs. I want to make it to the advanced level but before that i want to know what are the future applications of C++ programming language ?

Assume that i'm a hardcore expert in C++. Now where can imply all that knowledge ? If i don't know any other language, can i still do something great which has not yet been done ? Is it possible to solve some real life problems with the help of C++ ?
Why not just do a search for "C++ uses" and see what turns up...
C++ is leveraged by millions of programmers around the globe. It's one of the most popular and powerful programming languages, will it help you solve some real life problems? of course it will, what you do once you're an expert in C++ is really up to you, just ask yourself this, 'why did i learn how to program in C++?' is it so i can write some cool computer games? or apps? in addition an expert programmer doesn't rely on just one language; so if you are an intermediate C++ programmer, then i'm sure learning other languages won't hurt.
If i don't know any other language...

Note that Stroustrup believes that any professional programmer should know (at least) five languages.

Bjarne Stroustrup: The 5 Programming Languages You Need to Know

(Not necessarily as well as C++, of course...)

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