Looking for help on a C++ primer 4th ed question.

Very simple question involving really nothing to do with c++ at all.

I won't link the site because I don't know the forums rules, but I have obtained a pdf through google of this book.

It loads itself and as far as I know a legal way to read this book. You don't link to a download it just loads reads the file then is opened through the hosted browser.

My question..

I have the index and some references to page numbers .. maybe .. bu the page numbers are all missing from the pdf.

Can someone link me or tell me a site to view JUST THE PG NUMBERS for each page?

Problem is a few pages before chapter 1 I think are labeled in i, ii, iii, iiii, etc. (numeric?)

any help... if not thanks anyway I am stumped ... maybe someone with the book can just tell me the first sentence on pg.1?

This way I could at least figure out where some of the index references point to lol.

Thanks thanks thanks
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Marking as solved PM me if you can answer this or help. Until then I guess I will figure it out on my own.
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