Project Suggestions

Hello ! Good night everyone !

I write my first post with the intention to know if anyone can guide me about wich is the most efficient way to develop the project in wich I 'm working right now :

The project consists of making a Client-Server Application between two devices : One is called Server ( Raspberry Pi) and one called Client ( PC ) . Both are geographically separated and the idea is to communicate them via WiFi .

Inside the Server ( Raspberry Pi) I have an executable in C++ , which when is executed , its constantly shows the measured temperature from a thermometer attached to the Raspberry Pi and displays it on screen with just an “printf”. This thermometer, only works in the Raspberry Pi using C libraries .

Now, I want to develop a Client-Server Application (Maybe in Java or Python), that let me use that C++ executable , get the data(Temperature), pass it to the application and send it to the client to be displayed in a graphical interface.

I would like to know how I can handle correctly and effectively that temperature value ( from the executable in C++ to Java or Python Application).

The first thing that I thought was: into the C + + executable, save the data(temperatura) to a file. "Txt" or database, and from the main application, access them and send them to the Client… But it does not seem as efficient and "elegant".

I would be grateful to hear your valuable suggestions .

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