Need Help with a C++ Assignment for class

Write a program to read in a collection of exam scores ranging in value from 0 to 100. Your program should sort the scores in ascending order and display on a separate row:

each sorted score followed by text indicating its category
count (quantity of scores entered)
the quantity of outstanding scores (90 - 100)
the quantity of satisfactory scores (60 - 89)
the quantity of unsatisfactory scores (0 - 59)
the quantity of invalid scores (less than 0 or greater than 100)
the average score (with 2 decimal digits)
the highest score
the lowest score
Do not include the invalid scores in the average, max, or min. You will need to create a data file named grades.txt. (Use notepad to enter the following data values and save them on your drive).

63 75 121 72 72 78 67 -9 80 63 75 90 89 43
59 93 82 -113 33 97 202 40 60 55 88 91 101 66

Your program should print output starting at the top of the screen with your name followed by some column headings to identify the output. Be sure to include remarks identifying the author, date written, and what the program does.


Read scores from an input file called grades.txt.
Write results of output to the screen.
Use functions to read in the scores from the file, to display the scores in the array, to find the min, max and average of the scores, and to sort the scores in the array.
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