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Now I'm studying PPP (you know what book I'm telling about, yes?) and am in chapter 10 of that book. My question is that, first, can I jump to a resource which teaches the "Qt" in C++, now? And second, what a good reference do you recommend me for "Qt"?

no idea!?
Do you mean the Qt framework, as in at http://qt.digia.com/ ? I'm not entirely sure what you mean, otherwise...
Do you want to learn Qt or C++?

EDIT: Qt Creator is an IDE just like MS Visual Studio that helps in creating both console and GUI based applications.

Qt can be learnt through online documentation. They have very good reference documents on the internet. Moreover, there are many YouTube tutorials that guide you on specific aspects of GUI programming using Qt.

You can get started with Qt any time. However, I would suggest you to first practise on the basic concepts of console based C++ programming so that you are familiar with the important OOP/Inheritance concepts and how to use them.

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Qt is an IDE just like MS Visual Studio that helps in creating both console and GUI based applications.

I think you might mean that Qt Creator is an IDE like MSVS. Qt itself is a programming API, similar to wxWidgets (or even WinAPI?), which operates on a signal and slot based mechanism.

But I still agree with what you said about being familiar with the basic concepts first, due to some of the common things to do with Qt involving subclassing, virtual object management, and other things like that.
Those aren't the names, but I can't think of anything better...
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Qt is an IDE just like MS Visual Studio that helps in creating both console and GUI based applications.

Just wanted to correct something. QT is not a IDE it is a GUI API (Though some will say it is much more then that). Though the company has produced a IDE called QT Creator which has functionality such as the drag and drop GUI creator which helps with creating GUI programs.

Also you don't necessarily need to understand the basic concepts behind console based C++ programs before you start to learn QT and C++. You can learn the same concepts you learn in console based programs while creating GUI programs with QT and you will see much greater rewards (Meaning you won't just see some text pop up on the console).

If you want to learn QT and C++ programming just head on over to the website and follow their tutorials to get a basic understanding of how it works. There are also some good books available on the subject that give more depth information.

Here is the website for the open sourced version of QT http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtdoc/qtexamplesandtutorials.html

Here is a list of QT books https://qt-project.org/books

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So qt is not a part of C++? Now I have some skill just about C++ console.
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Oops! sorry for the error, corrected.
So qt is not a part of C++?

Correct. Qt is not a part of C++.

Qt is a framework developed by various companies, to provide cross-platform tools for C++ developers to write GUI's, and to help with other portability issues between platforms too.

Qt is not part of C++. I don't have much experience, but AFAIK it can be viewed as a library extention of C++ because it has several extensive libraries of its own. Many are similar to the C++ STL.

For example you have access to both QList and std::list, QVector and std::vector, <QAlgorithm> and <algorithm>

You can use either or both Qt and C++ libraries depending on your requirement. You will have to include the required headers.
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OK guys, thank you.

As the last question on this topic:
Has the Qt such worth to waste a long time for learning it? Does it have a good future?

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