Hi guys,

I want to make a RTS game but I dont have any idea about how can I code an AI for RTS games. Have you got any ideas about how to do that?
AI is an extremely broad and complex topic.... and "a RTS game" is an extremely generic description of what you're trying to do.

Best advice I can give you is try to write code which reflects human logic. IE: examine all visible units and move your units where they'd be most effective.
The first year program of the school I'll attend lists the following under AI
- Finite states machines
- Fuzzy logic
- Pathfinding with A*
- Chase and evade

So far I've only studied pathfinding and it's not that hard, so I'd recommend that to begin since it's something you definetly need in an RTS. I used http://www.policyalmanac.org/games/aStarTutorial.htm and the wikipedia page for A*.
Thanks for your advice maeriden I willl read it.

I will make a game like age of empires 2 Disch.
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May i ask what API are you going to use?
I will use SFML library and a gui library which is not certain yet.
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