SFML install help

I used the tutorial on the sfml website for installing sfml on code::blocks on my dev-c++. I followed the instructions changing it up by not linking dynamically or statically but by browsing to the lib and selecting it and then my program compiled but it said a dll was missing twice so I put the dlls in and then my program doesn't respond or display the green circle when I used the test code. What should I do besides upgrade to 5.5.1?
i had the same problem and after a (very long) google search i found that if i used the nightly builds it would work (which it did)


use the latest mingw one
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Which mingw? Distro, builds, or tdm? Thanks for directing me to this.
Thanks anyways. I decided to just download code blocks for this project.
you still need to download a sfml library with code::blocks
What do you mean I still have to download a library?
Oh sorry. Now I get it.
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