Float/Double to String Conversion Problem!!

I want a code that can convert floating/double value into string/char array(char arr[]) and also it can be run on Boreland C++ 5.02

Here I've a code but it doesn't show all the numbers. Instead, it's showing in exponential form which I don't want!!

int main()
char* str = new char[30];

float flt = 2.4567F;
sprintf(str, "%.4g", flt );
cout<<str<<endl; //Exponential form even after 6 digits without decimal
return 0;
Please help!!
sprintf(str, "%.4f", flt );

f, not g.
Thanks!! Problem solved.. :D (Y)
Can u plz.. tell me that how this function works.....

sprintf(str, "%.4f", flt );
or sprintf( );
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