How to start writing game app

How do i start writing Gaming app using C++. What is the environment required. I have mingw compiler installed on Windows8. Please suggest some reference to start.

For environment i would recommend code::blocks to get started. And for graphics it depends on what you want to do if you want to do 3D stuff you want to use direct x for windows only and OpenGL for cross platform. For 2D there are a lot more Options But i would recommend SDL or allegro. If you decide then i can direct you to some resources.
Thanks, So i will start with 2D first.
Please suggest me how to set up my PC now. SDL/allegro, to be frank i have never came across this words. Is the code blocks comes with compiler.
I recommend SDL code blocks comes preset with SDL so it is easy to get started I learned from and he also has good OpenGL tutorials
Thanks for the links..
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