vararg warning


I am using the vararg (NOT Variadic functions). For the below function

void test_read(int stmt_id, long *testval, ...)
int vl_length = get_length(stmt_id);
va_list vl;
va_start(vl, vl_length);

it shows warning

"second parameter of 'va_start' not last named argument"

Basically I determine the length by the use of stmt_id rather than by passing it as a parameter.

How can I overcome this warning. Is there a flag to ignore just this warning?
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va_start doesn't take any sort of length as its second argument, it takes the last named parameter (testval in this case). There is no sensible way to use it differently.
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Thank you for the reply cubbi :)
To give you an example, this is how va_start is defined in one of the compilers I use:

#define va_start(__list,__parmN) __list = (char *)((unsigned long)&(__parmN) \
+ (((sizeof(__parmN)+7)/8)*8)) 

(and va_list is simply char*)
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