2 player craps game

This is the problem statement:

(1) One of the players goes first. That player announces the size of the bet, and rolls the dice. If the
player rolls a
• 7 or 11, it is called a natural. The player who rolled the dice wins.
• 2, 3 or 12, it is called craps. The player who rolled the dice loses.
• If the player's first roll is any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) the bet is not immediately
decided. Instead, the number that the player rolled becomes the point and he continues to roll
the dice until either he rolls the point a 2nd time, in which case he wins, or he rolls a 7, in which
case he loses. For example, suppose a player's 1st roll is a 6.Then 6 becomes the point. He must
roll again. If his next roll were a 3, he would have to roll a 3rd time. The point remains 6. He
continues to roll the dice until he either gets a 6 (a win) or a 7 (a loss).
(2) When a player wins, he collects the bet, and gets to keep the dice and take another turn. Then the
play begins again with rule (1).
(3) When a player loses, his opponent collects the money that was bet and it becomes the opponent's
turn to roll the dice. The opponent starts play again with rule (1)

I am having trouble getting my program to print out the results after every iteration or after every turn, And trouble with a bool function. Please help.
Post your code.
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