Snake Game

Hello everyone! I want just to ask you something. I don't expect any code from you. I want to make a Snake Game. My idea is to make an array and control the snake with the GetAsyncKeyState() function. I have not decided yet how to move the snake but I'm considering the idea to use linked list to hold the coords of the snake's body in the array.

I have two questions:
1. Do you like my idea to use linked list?
2. I need to clear the console somehow and output the table again. But if I use system("CLS"), the screen is blinking. Is there a better way to clear the console without blinking?

Any other ideas will be appreciated. :)
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There's an article about the snake game, you might want to check it out.
Is it in this site? I will try to find it. Can you give me a link for it? :)
I found it, if you are talking about that one
If you recommend another article, can you share the link? :)

P. S. Looks like this atricle follows my idea. I will try to look through the code :)
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Yeah that's the one i was talking about ;)
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