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Hello, I am an 8th grader and I'm writing an operating system called arcrascent os from SCRATCH (no linux or anything).
I have a pretty mature kernel with a good memory manager, HAL (hardware abstraction layer), filesystem, p.e. (portable executable) format, ...

So now i'm trying to enter the vbe 2.0 graphics mode. (please don't say, "does your video card support that?" or "its useless")

AND I had to execute int 0x10 (a.k.a. int 10h).
To run hardware interrupts in 80386 protected mode, you need the v86 (virtual 8086) handler.

Can anybody tell me where to get the source code to <dos.h>'s int86 (int intno, union REGS* regsin, union REGS* regsout) OR a good v86 handler?

P.S. You can download the latest build (1723) of my operating system at
(I just call myself "arcrascent" in "arcrascent technologies"
(please change the *.iso extension to *.img and mount it as a floppy disk in virtualbox or just use Bochs.
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