C programming "while" loop help?

I am trying to write a C program to take numbers from an input file (input.dat), calculate the sum and average of the numbers for each row, and display them in a form of table and in an output file (result.out).

Using these numbers in the input file.

-0.043200 -0.003471 0.000000
-0.040326 -0.004851 -0.000737
-0.018204 -0.004246 -0.001530
0.022249 0.008891 0.004870
0.074892 0.044237 0.032171
0.129600 0.100233 0.089016
0.174747 0.160100 0.161792
0.200242 0.199106 0.214417
0.174747 0.160100 0.161792

i have created the the file but i keep getting errors in the underlined area after the while!!!
Your help is greatly appreciated

#include <stdio.h>


double sum; /*Sum of all numbers*/
double average; /*Average of all numbers*/
double first, second, third;
int line;

printf("Assignment 6\n");
printf("Rodolfo Esparza\n");

FILE *inp, /*input file*/
*outp; /*output file*/

/*Open Files*/
inp = fopen("input.dat", "r");
outp = fopen("output.out", "w");

line = 0;
while (line <= 9) {

fscanf (inp, "%lf%lf%lf", &first, &second, &third);
fprintf (outp, "%lf%lf%lf", &first, &second, &third);


sum = first+second+third //Formula for sum

average = first+second+third/3 //Formula for average

/*close Files*/

return 0;

You're missing some semicolons near the closing brace for the while loop.

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